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A Simple Label Can Keep Your Family Safe


A Simple Label Can Keep Your Family Safe

With many GMO products flooding the market today, consumers feel as if they are left without a choice in terms of the products they buy. They are made to feel that they are left without alternatives. However, what many of them don't realize is that with small farms starting to fight, there are many organic choices available on the market too.

Detection of GMOs, unfortunately, is hard to come by because there is no way for consumers to know whether the products they plan to buy are made from GMOs or not. GMO food is very harmful to our health. It can cause many health diseases which can cause death.

There are many lawsuits which are used to claim against Monsanto to get some financial compensation. If you or your loved one is also suffering from any health problems due to the GMO then you can also file a case against Monsanto. You can find the best Monsanto roundup lawyers through

Under Trials

Millions of People Fight Monsanto – What about the FDA?

In 1993, the consumer protested against the FDA's approval of the rBGH synthetic hormone. Although there have been reports of the results of a hidden trial by Monsanto and studies showing that the hormone is unreliable, the FDA continues to approve the use of this hormone to this day.

Many continue to protest Monsanto's aggressive steps because they continue to push GMO technology in agriculture. However, despite ongoing protests and research that show the negative effects of genetic engineering, the FDA continues to turn a blind eye to many of the related problems regarding genetic engineering.

In fact, Monsanto has reached the stage of undergoing a legal battle against small farms and dairy companies such as Oakhurst milk to prevent product labeling in order to keep consumers informed about the products they consume.

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