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Care and Maintenance of Area Rugs

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Care and Maintenance of Area Rugs

Floors are an important part of the home renovations. Care and maintenance of area rugs will protect your investment for a long time. Carpets and area rugs that are well cared for are needed, especially in places with the most pedestrian traffic such as stairs, doors and halls. And don't forget that place is right in front of the chair and sofa.

When you see that the rug starts to look dirty, work in it so it won't spread. If you leave the mess it can very well make the right treatment more difficult. Be sure to use disinfectant to regain the freshness of the rug – this is very important in terms of food or pet odors. If you want to hire professional area rug cleaners then you can contact with us.

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Caring for carpets means prevention and maintenance. Use a small carpet that is easily treated at the door to reduce dirt and moisture that causes damage.

To prevent fading, draw curtains and blinds so that sun will not damage the rug. Vacuuming is fundamental and urgent stain removal with cleaning products that do not affect colorfastness.

Maintain a nice fresh appearance from your rug. Color will lose the fastest luster in the busiest place. To keep colors bright, the carpet needs to be cleaned regularly.

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