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How Do Joint Supplements Help Your Horse and What to Look for in a Good Supplement?

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How Do Joint Supplements Help Your Horse and What to Look for in a Good Supplement?

Joint mobility is a concerning factor to owners of all breeds of both horses and ponies throughout their lives affecting them at all ages.

This is why joint supplements are necessary. Supplements contain naturally occurring substances from within a horse's body. But, what are these substances and what do they actually do? Well that's exactly what I am going to explain in this article.


Glucosamine is an important substance which helps to promote healthy joints. It does so by helping to lubricate the cartilage area in the joints. It is also needed to help with the growth of connecting surrounding tissue. You can browse to know more about the Horse Supplements.

This is important because, as the horse is naturally age and still meet the demands of the training schedule. It most likely will not produce enough natural glucosamine. The effect of this can be damaging for preventing cartilage acting as a natural shock absorber efficiently. The knock on effect of this will lead to joint pain stiff.

Organic MSM:

Organic MSM is a natural product found in grasses and grains, it is a must in the horse's body, and especially elderly horses undergo an extensive training program. It has a huge impact on the use of protein in the body, which is necessary to repair the tendons and ligaments critical to the aging horse injured. It can also help with muscle growth and make improvements in the circulation.

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