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Most Common Depuy Knee Complication


Most Common Depuy Knee Complication

The most common complication after surgery is blood clots in the leg veins and you will be given a blood-thinning agent to prevent this complication.

You will also take iron supplements, depending on your laboratory results after surgery, because postoperative anemia is also common in patients undergoing knee replacement. Wound infections, though rare will also occur so it is very important for you to check for signs and symptoms of infection every day. You can file a knee replacement lawsuit to get knee replacement lawsuit settlement.

Your therapy will usually focus on your balance, strength, and mobility. You will be expected to use assistive devices during ambulation, such as a walker to prevent accidental falls for several weeks. You will see a marked improvement in knee function, usually in 2-6 weeks after physical therapy and ongoing work, with safe and fast recovery as the main goal.

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Depuy Knee replacement surgery is the most common joint replacement procedure. This procedure is done if the patient still feels symptoms of pain during normal activity. This exercise is performed for patients who have knee ailments such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and arthritis.

This can also be applied to patients who have knee injuries. There are two types of knee replacement. It can be a partial or total replacement. Surgery depends on the severity of the patient's illness or injury. Substitutes can also be metal or plastic.

Usually, DePuy knee replacements can last for ten to fifteen years. There are non-surgical treatments to avoid the procedure. Patients are given physiotherapy or physical therapy or they can also do special exercises such as walking aids. Taking medication is also medically recommended by each doctor. However, if this non-operative can no longer cure the patient, surgery is performed.

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