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Reiki: Few Ways To Help Yourself With The Power Symbol

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Reiki: Few Ways To Help Yourself With The Power Symbol

The Reiki and Reiki symbols are not just for massage tables and homes. Here are five ways you can use the power of Reiki symbols in your daily life.

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1. Traffic Congestion

Modern life is full of traffic jams – bumper to bumper cars that stretch for hours, grumpy kids, dehydrated – I went out to get some vegetables, for goodness sake! – heat … and right in front of the traffic jam, some people who have intellectual difficulties who think it's okay to double the park as long as they turn on the danger lights!

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So, sitting in my car in traffic is the ideal time to play with Reiki. It makes me calm and free from anger on the road. And at the same time – have you ever seen the effect of bouncing the symbol of Power up and down on the roof of a car?

Shortly thereafter, there was a gap in traffic on the other side of the road, so my side could start moving again … and soon after that the man with the danger lights appeared, smiled beatifically, started his car and moved without a care in the world.

Heavy traffic, on the other hand, requires a greater solution. The symbol of the great power that bounces up and down in the center – the roundabout is an extraordinary place to reflect it – as well as the symbol on the roof of the car.

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