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Secrets to Christian Church Growth

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Secrets to Christian Church Growth

The growth of the Christian church is often misunderstood to refer to the increasing number of church attendees and members. Many churches that experienced a significant increase recognized the loss of good attributes of smaller churches such as closer fellowship and more focused attention. The growth of the church that is desired by most churches is the growth of the quality of its members.

One of the secrets of the growth of the Christian church is to mobilize their members to join growth groups. They (also called small groups, discipleship groups, cell groups) consist of 7-12 participants or members of the local church. This is defined by John Malisson as the building block of the life of the local congregation and is the basis for the development of Christian individual and corporate lifestyles. Many churches, especially large churches, and their members benefit from having a healthy growth group. If you want to know more abput Christian churches in Long Island then you can visit the site

They enable leaders to provide better pastoral services to members. They can equip and train their members better. Members can participate more actively in discussions in small groups than in larger seminars. They are easily encouraged to lead prayers, facilitate Bible study, share their personal concerns and advise one another compared to larger groups that can threaten them. It develops closer alliance and leadership. They are also good communication channels and support systems for larger congregations.

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