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The Importance of a Single Customer View

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The Importance of a Single Customer View

Understanding customer travel in a complex omnichannel world today requires strategic and organizational alignment, which – for many companies – is not how everything is done.

Traditionally, the single view of customers in an offline space is managed in different business units of the company. If you're looking for a single customer view service, you can browse this source:

But today's customers must be matched in hundreds of contact points in the adtech and martech ecosystem.

And to win, marketers must invest the resources to parse this web and tie shared identities and data at each point of the customer's journey.

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Software alone is not a panacea for creating a single customer appearance. Organizations must fundamentally change the way their people operate and must modernize how information is shared throughout the company to eliminate silos and create a more holistic understanding of the current, past and future target audiences. And identity resolution is the answer.

Identity Opens "Single View"

Identity resolution is the key to being able to provide a single, effective view of the customer. However, according to Forrester's recent webinar, identity resolution is one of the most underrated components of the marketing technology landscape.

How did it happen? This technology is certainly not new, and there is always a need for marketers to get to know their customers.

Maybe companies have ignored identity resolution in the past because marketers can resolve identities across their organization silos.

But now there is pressure to do it on the channel and with greater speed. Continuous adoption of people-based strategies, coupled with explosive growth in the number of platforms where consumers share and receive content, increase the difficulty level even higher when it comes to marketers understanding the context of their customers and anticipating what they want next.

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