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The Importance of Good Lighting Design to an Interior Space

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The Importance of Good Lighting Design to an Interior Space

Just like colors and materials that are part of the interior have a big influence on the person's general mood, the lighting is equally, if not more important in determining the mood of the room. It is also an impact on the perception, performance, security, and safety.

In the office, good lighting design can transform the efficiency of the staff and the general atmosphere. Too dark or light can have a real negative on the efficiency of your staff. natural lighting should be incorporated wherever possible, combining the use of windows and skylights. You can browse if you're looking for skylights.

The lighting control system is now seen as a necessity. They can be programmed to maintain optimal output lux, do not allow individual workers to change and when it ignores the other workers. In addition, they contribute to energy savings.

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Restaurants and bars for different lighting and must adapt. Often the space that is used both day and night, so that a good lighting scheme is essential to change the mood of a room.

An atmosphere of good general lighting is required but accent lighting is often used. wall washer, raft ceiling, recessed lighting, coffers, less sunken floor, all the techniques used to transform the space.

A lighting control system which again is very important in these spaces. Preset will be used throughout the day and will change the mood

The room immediately and without wastage of time

LED lighting has been used for many years. However, in commercial design, led has long been too expensive and out of reach of the average budget work.

Currently, costs are reduced and their performance, color, and availability. Benefits include long life, reduced maintenance costs, low heat-making, a good choice of colors, and a large reduction in electricity bills (often up to 90%).

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