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The Process of Procurement


The Process of Procurement


How the whole process of procurement works?

First, a request for raw materials and goods is generated and the requirement is sent to the procurement department.

The procurer thoroughly analyses the need and prepares a list of vendors and suppliers who might be the right people for the supply need. Procurers have to know and keep a list of the good vendors and suppliers.

In private companies, vendors or suppliers are directly selected while in public limited companies, they are selected through a tender and bidding process. Once vendor offering the best price and quality is selected, supply contract is signed.

The procurer has to prepare the workshop or warehouse to take in the delivery of the goods. They have to ensure the whole process goes smoothly and there are accidents or incidents and there is no damage to the goods being delivered.

Once the delivery is done, they have to do a thorough assessment of the goods that have been delivered. They have to check the quantity and quality, and if they are in accordance with the supply order or contract.

Next, they have to prepare the send the good forward for them to be processed into whatever product their company makes. The procurer also has to make detailed reports on the whole procurement process.

Therefore, if you are interested in procurement, get professional procurement certification training to make a career in procurement.

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