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Tips & Tricks for Web design

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Tips & Tricks for Web design

A quality website is becoming a necessity in today's world with many people researching online to find the goods and services they need. However, just having a website doesn't mean people are going to come to you.

You need to ensure your website is engaging and has all the right information. You want people to come along and see what you have to offer, not just leave straight away. Read more information about web design, through philadelphia web design firms via

Here are a few tips on making your webpage engaging.

  • Have a polished, professional logo. A logo is an important part of any business brand, you should try to ensure this is on every page of your website and link it back to your home page.
  • Use intuitive navigation. If your navigation becomes too difficult people will give up and look for a site that is more user-friendly.
  • Don't clutter the page. Sometimes we can be overloaded with images but if we do this, the brain will shut down. Too many images stop us from being able to process all the information.
  • Give internet users room to breathe. Create space between paragraphs and images. This will allow the site visitor to absorb everything that they are reading and seeing.
  • Use color strategically. Think about what you are wanting to achieve with your site and what type of business you are.
  • Design each page as if it's a landing page. Not everyone will enter your site through the home page which means all of your pages should be engaging.
  • Test your design. You'd be surprised at what difference a small change to a design can make, so test your designs.
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