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What Exactly Is American Food?

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What Exactly Is American Food?

When a potential visitor peruses a brief description of each restaurant they may get a sense of what kind of cuisine can be found on the menu. China, Thailand, Italy, Japan. It all conjures up visions of a favorite appetizer stuffed with spices, meat, vegetables, etc. is authentic to the land from which they came.

What is American food? Most Americans would rattle off a list of a well-known dish, best served at a baseball game, such as hot dogs, hamburgers, fries (something in the name begs to differ), and apple pie. If you want to know more about American food, then you can also visit

With closer inspection and investigation of the truth became clear. Apple pie, hot dogs are also known as sausage and hamburger come from Germany. Even the ancient grandmother Hales apple pie from Germany and the French fries were actually first presented in Belgium.

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To find a truly authentic American food first Thanksgiving would be a good place to start. Pilgrims celebrated the harvest with Native American food is provided and teach them to grow and grow. This is some American food is really authentic.

Today is truly original American food created with native plants, seeds, and spices including wild ginger, miners lettuce, and juniper as well as the original version of quinoa, spinach variety, a little barley, may grass, and sunflower.

Native Americans from sea to prepare dishes using salmon, and seafood, mushrooms, venison, duck, rabbit, and ground grain for flour. This is not to say that over the centuries certain foods have not been "Americanized".

Many delicious dishes have grown from a combination of Native American ingredients and ingredients introduced by a large number of immigrant cultures.

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