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Why are American Women Losing When Negotiating?



Why are American Women Losing When Negotiating?

LinkedIn has recently conducted a survey where it mentioned that business professionals tend to avoid asking for higher salaries, so they prefer to avoid the process entirely. Besides, women tend to be more reluctant whenever they have to negotiate a certain matter. Specialists believe that these inabilities are caused by the Americans’ tendency to pay without any bargaining. When it comes to negotiations and salaries, employees believe that their obligation is to accept what their bosses offer; even if they know that they deserve more.


Why do women avoid negotiations?

The negotiating process seems to be a great problem for most women, only 26% of them stating that they aren’t afraid of negotiations. According to experts, women’s tendency to avoid negotiations is caused by their lack of self-confidence. They usually consider relationships to be more important than the issues that need to be negotiated. Therefore, most women are afraid that once they negotiate with their managers, the relationship boss-employee will be affected remarkably. This is why they abandon their goals, even if they imply a higher salary.

Everybody knows that women are born with the tendency to underestimate themselves as professionals, while overestimating the relationships established at work. This is the main reason why women cannot perform negotiations as better as men. Besides, their tendency is powered by the current economic situation, as people already accept whatever they receive.

When people find a job offer, they end up accepting it even if the conditions aren’t what they have been looking for. These situations take place every day, and their main reason is the fear of remaining unemployed.

Women should no longer fear negotiations

American women need to become aware of the fact that negotiations are necessary for gaining adequate skills and achieving their goals. Besides, no one can argue that women have greater chances of closing a deal if they learn how to use their feminine side.

While men see negotiations as a poker game, women tend to associate them with a dance. In other words, negotiations are seen as collaborations between two people, both of them being winners. This is exactly how negotiations are seen nowadays, so women shouldn’t face any difficulties when it comes to coming up with a win-win solution.

This approach can definitely be seen as an effective outlook, but women don’t find it enough for encouraging themselves to take attitude during a negotiation. Even though people are aware of the fact that they deserve more than they get, they still look for the easier solution: that of accepting whatever they are offered, only to get rid of the need to negotiate.

What can we do to change the situation?

First of all, women should be reminded that America is crowded with successful women who can handle what they do. Once they understand that there are plenty of women who have achieved success in this field, their self-confidence will definitely increase significantly.

Therefore, women should understand that their attitude can make other women become aware of their negotiation skills. If you happen to doubt yourself, try to become a positive model. Prove to the other women that you can fight for what you deserve without fear, and you will encourage them to embrace the concept of negotiation.

Men have been undoubtedly gifted with a stronger character, but they are not the only ones. Women can also be strong, as long as they don’t doubt their negotiation skills. As far as business is concerned, people have the same rights, regardless of their gender.

All in all, women should no longer be afraid to speak their mind and let the others understand that they are aware of their value. Nothing is greater than a determined negotiator who knows that his/her work is essential within the company. And when their work is of utmost importance, why shouldn’t they be rewarded according to their competency? You shouldn’t accept whatever is offered to you just because you are a woman. Therefore, try to prove to yourself that gender is not important when it comes to doing business or to negotiating a certain issue. We should all have the inborn instinct to fight for what we deserve, without fear.

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